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Driver Licence Appeals

Driver Licence Appeals against Transport for NSW.

Are you facing a suspension of your driver licence from a total loss of demerit points resulting from of an accumulation of various driving offences over a period of time which may include: speeding, burnouts, failure to display L and P signs, driving through red lights, failure to indicate when turning a corner, speed camera offences, and/or heavy vehicle offences which may include: weighbridge offences, exceeding TARE weight for truck and dog, log book offences, breach of 60 metre rule between long vehicles, and so forth. 

Should you require assistance about how to successfully lodge an appeal against the decision of Transport for NSW to suspend your driver licence, make an appointment to speak to Anne-Alece whose extensive experience in the Local Court has enabled her to successfully win appeals against Transport for NSW and /or shorten the proposed suspension period.

Speak to Anne-Alece at Northern Rivers Law on: (02) 6669 1071

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