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Drug Charges

Drug charges: Possession of prohibited drugs, drug supply, deemed supply, cultivation, manufacture and production of prohibited drugs, self-administration of prohibited drugs, drug trafficking, and other drug related charges.

Notwithstanding the beauty and diversity of the Northern Rivers region, drug offences of various kinds are quite prevalent throughout the Northern Rivers.

Generally, the Courts take a dim view of any type of offence that involves illicit substances, not just because they can attract a custodial sentence, but because of the long-term detrimental effects to the community and individuals.  In particular, a number of criminal offences such as: assault, property damage, robbery, break and enter offences, theft, affray and dangerous driving (to name a few) may be linked to illicit substances.  It is widely accepted by the Courts that methylamphetamines are associated with offences of violence.


There are many reasons as to why people become involved with the use, supply, manufacture or cultivation of illicit substances.  Depending on the circumstances, it can be difficult (and humiliating) to confront Court for the first time when charged with any type of drug offence.  Should you be convicted, some drug offences will prevent you from entering certain overseas countries, as well as effecting future employment options for particular careers.  

As such, if you are charged with any drug related offence, come and speak to Anne-Alece who will advise you of your legal options to obtain the best possible outcome.    

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